Director                     Jemma Mc Donnell

Lighting design        Joe Price

AV design                 The Media Workshop : Tim Dollimore and Darryl Leech

Illustrator                  Olivia Twist

Live Music                 Alexis Adimora

Written by                Caleb Femi with Jemma Mc Donnell

Company                  Paper Birds

Photography           Camilla Greenwell

Part spoken-word gig and part theatrical performance, Goldfish Bowl tells the life of Young Person Poet Laureate Caleb Femi through poetry, live music and illustration with a lick of Frankenstein. As designer my role was sewn closely to many others in the team. It integrated styling Caleb and Lex who perform onstage and visual direction of images working closely with Jemma and Olivia to commission appropriate illustrations and working with The Media Workshop to compose the projection on the set as well as giving direction on animation and colour . My set design integrated a lighting special which was especially satisfying as it involved developing a dynamic effect with long-term LD collaborator  Joe Price.

Touring Spring/Summer  2018.