Director                     Sita Calvert Ennals

Lighting design       Katy Morrison

Written by                Alan Harris

Company                  Invisible Ink

Photography           Jorge Lizalde

Invisible Ink has been collecting true stories of the terrible things we do.

From lying to your boss to breaking your mum’s heart and everywhere in between the show explores the darker side of human nature. But we’re not here to judge – honest!

Inspired by personal stories collected over 2 years, this show invites you to our public confessional to revel in the funny, awkward and poignant world of people’s deepest secrets.

There will be a “confession booth” in the foyer before and after the show and the design of the booth and the set have a very strong relationship. The block colours of the costume and unusual 'everyman' silhouettes aims to allow the ultimate freedom for the actors to embody their many characters, while the set allows them to re-build the world around them.

"Presently, the cast take their places on Rebecca Wood’s deceptively simple set, which seems at first to consist solely of a large wooden block; but this actually comprises a number of components (akin to three-dimensional Tetris pieces; an ingenious construction by Seeber and Lloyd) which are deftly re-configured as various props, storage spaces, hiding places, items of furniture etc. as the show progresses."
Othniel Smith, British Theatre Guide

This is a Bristol Old Vic Ferment commission and a collaboration between Invisible Ink, Chapter Arts Centre, The University of South Wales, Theatr Iolo and is funded by the Arts Council of Wales.