A show illutstrated, written and performed by the highly physical performer Christopher Harrisson.
Featuring animation, no props and a brooding soundscape, whole worlds are created in an instant.


Director                     John Walton

Lighting design       Zoe Spurr

Written by                Christopher Harrisson

Sound design          Ben Osborn

Tech Manager         Josh Lucas

Photography           Jack Offord


1985, a fissure formed at England's centre and split the north from the south. A giant tear through the landscape, a real gap, descending into an abyss of bottomless depth. And in the north, cut off, things began to stir. Beneath the moors and by the rivers, in the valleys and by the sea.

The North! The North! is a dark, contemporary myth about England featuring highly physical storytelling and animation.


2nd-6th MAY The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

17th-18th JUNE New Diorama Theatre, London

10th-11th JULY The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

2nd-27th AUGUST Edinburgh Festival Fringe (venue to be announced shortly)