Oct. 3rd 2020

Kernow Bys Vyken = Cornwall Forever.

Its really all the Cornish Rebecca knows, but she’s a firm pasty patriot and so it had to be Cornwall for the wedding. We know its far and public transport is terrible but we are really hoping you can join us on this windswept corner of the UK to celebrate love in the glorious land where the cream goes on top. Its one of our favourite places in the world and we’re really excited to share with our friends and family, you’ve all collectively been important in our lives. We’re sure this only occasion we can command you to all be together, united by us two idiots.

We even promise to do a really awkward snog where you all watch.

We’ll be helping match people up for car sharing nearer the time so no-one is left on an overpriced train to Cornwall that gets cancelled in Plymouth.